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Glass Howes Ceramic Christmas Tree Paint Party

Glass Howes Ceramic Christmas Tree Paint Party

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October 25th painting class

Ceramic Christmas Tree Paint Party $90.00

🌲Ceramic Christmas Tree Paint Party at Glass Howes.
 Join us on Wednesday, October 25th from 4pm-8pm or November 8th 4pm-8pm
🎨We will be painting 13” tree using ceramic acrylic stains and gloss to create a beautiful tree for you to display.  We will have a variety of paint colors to choose from including your traditional Christmas green to turquoise, blue and pink to name a few.
Class is $90.00 and Included in this bundle will be the tree, tree base, light kit, and standard multicolored light pegs. This is a prepaid event, each tree is handmade at Go Paint Ceramics for each order. space is limited. 
If you ordered a tree to paint for class and are unable to attend please let us know so someone else may have the spot. Your tree MUST be picked up within 30 days or your tree gets donated. There are no refunds. You may choose to paint your tree at Go Paint Ceramics or pick up to paint at home. 

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